Marie Claire prefers to teach small groups in the use of Tarot Cards at Blackheath, South East London. Her method is very simple, fair and concise; uniquely developed over the 10 years as an experienced Reader and Teacher. She can also teach you how to be a Professionnal Tarot Reader, to improve your 1 to 1 Psychic Readings, or your online Psychic Readings. So if you are a gifted Medium or Clairvoyant, learn to use Tarot Cards to get more grounded. If you cannot join a Tarot Group, book a Private Tuition
Meet like- minded people in a relaxed setting.
Bright, high ceiling, cosy room
with a small kitchen
. Depending
on the weather, you can also enjoy a lovely garden with sculptures. Programme
Learn Tarot Cards in Small Groups
Join our Tarot Group, £20 for 2 hours
Learn to read Tarot Cards in London
Learn how to read your Hands
Palmistry Workshop for Beginners.
After making a print of your hands, you will learn the main lines, the meanings of your fingers, the difference between your right and left hand, the timing of events.

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The readings were excellent, thank you for that- I think that really helped us all to understand a little better and we have since tried the two- card celtic cross spread you showed us. Unfortunately, we are not as good at it as you were but it's fun trying! Lynne Beale, Metaphysical Practitioner 30 Nov 2010
Learn tarot cards in London
Phone Reading
1 to 1 Reading
Private Tuition
Tarot Party
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Learn to read Tarot Cards, using simple keywords and practicing
readings. It is fun and you will remember! Each workshop covers 20 Tarot Cards
(1-Major cards, 2-Cups and Wands, 3- Pentacles and Swords, 4- Court Tarot Cards)
We meet once a month to practice Tarot Spreads. Here is Carole, gifted Medium with Patt who has learnt so much through dedication. Beginners welcome to learn the method.

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