Marie Claire needs a quiet corner in a restaurant, a class room in your school or a spare room in your home with a small table.
People come individually or in pair to have their readings.
Tarot & Palmistry Parties
Invite your friends to celebrate your birthday, a success to your exam or your new home. Help people to interact, offer them
the unique experience of
a tarot or palm reading!
Your party will never be forgotten!
Birthday Parties or Familie Celebrations
Marie Claire Trespeuch offers fun Tarot and Palm Readings in English and in French.
She excels in parties with her warm French personality and stamina and can feel intuitively Tarot Cards and people. Being very good in timing, she will give everyone an accurate and fair reading.
Experienced in any
Hotel Psychic Event, Corporate event and club ladies night like hen Party,
She also love to do Tarot and Palm Readings to any Women Groups, Birthday Party, any Celebration.

From £15 per person for 10 mins reading. The price depends of the number of persons.
Free reading for the host.

Contact us to give us date, place and the number of people. A £30 deposit to be paid in advance to secure your booking. If the party is cancelled the deposit will be kept for another date.
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Tarot Party
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Invite some Tarot Readers or Palm Readers to create an unusual party!
Tarot is a fun way to make people interact with each others.
After their 10 minutes reading, they enjoy sharing it with their work collegues or friends.
They will go back to work happier and therefore will work better together!

Marie Claire can book other readers if necessary.
Corporate Events and Psychic Dinners
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