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Be happy alone.
Enjoy your life.
Have many hobbies.
Keep busy learning new skills
Meet many people.
Develop your social skills.
Have fun, learn dancing,
and go to parties.
Make the most of each day.
See the bright side of every situation
See the qualities in others.
Stop worrying, tomorrow will be another day.
If you have not slept well today,
you will sleep better tomorrow...
To have a very fulfilling relationship, you need to express what you feel and listen more to the other point of view. It would help if you learn to be patient and flexible. Often say sorry, notice the small efforts made by your partner, and often praise.
Write down what you really want, keep busy and have faith. Meet a lot of people and make friends.
Do not be too desperate and needy.
Know who you are
Make numerous Lists
Your talents, qualities
What you love in yourself
What you have achieved so far
The friends you have, the friends you want The friends you do not want
The countries you know
The countries you want to go to
Where you want to live
What you like most in your life
The purpose of your life
Your ambitions, drive...
Know what you want to change
In your body
In your diet
In your goals to be fitter
In your sleeping patterns
In your attitude
How you relate to your parents
How you relate to your family
Your job
How you spend and save
Your beliefs
Your local involvement
Your TV obsession
Your clutter, "less is more"
How to be more useful to others
INTERNET DATING There is no right or wrong, each experience will be different depending on the people
Your profile
Contact Many People
Meet Many People
Spend time and money to get a quality main picture.
Do not insert too many photos.
Write a short but fun to read profile.
Do not show too many expectations.
Do not be too fussy.
Show that you are flexible.
Be honest
Never show that you are too keen.
Wait a day before replying.
Send only 2 or 3 short emails.
Do not hide behind your screen.
Agree to meet as quickly as possible.
Have no expectations. Ask yourself, is it true?
Be realistic, do not dream too much. Carry on enjoying your life and making new friends.
Carry on choosing people and planning more meetings.
Before the meeting, plan something to escape and make it short.
Have your first meeting, in a quiet public place for coffee or soft drink only.
Do not talk too much.
If you like each other, lets the relationship grows by sharing several meetings together.
Relax and talk about work,hobbies…
Follow your intuition but stay in control