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Marie Claire, is French. She has lived in London for more than 37 years. After being a Blue Badge London Tourist Board Guide, she has run a successful accommodation business where she has met all type of people. Going through the experience of several stable relationships, she has learnt a lot through the up and down of her life and most of all as a mother.

Always keen to face challenges, she has studied
Astrology with the London School of Astrology, and Palmistry with Frank Clifford and Robin Lown at the College of Psychic Studies.

An autodidact and entrepreneur, she enjoys learning and developing her skills. Born with a poor memory,
she is using different techniques to memorise better. So as a teacher, she automatically knows what to do
to help anybody remember what they have learnt in order to communicate better.

After completing several tarot courses in England and in France, she has done a lot of personal research to compare different types of Tarot. Through dedication, she has created a unique teaching and reading method.
For many years, she organised psychic evenings at the Clarendon Hotel
in Blackheath and help other readers to practice and develop their skills.

With her warm and passionnate approach, she will make your party or event very special indeed.
Her Tarot and Palm Readings are very accurate.

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Marie Claire Trespeuch
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