If you want to learn quickly or have no time to join a group,
Private Tuition is for you.
Learn to
read Tarot Cards, the lines of your hands, or your Astrological chart. Lessons are flexible, adapted to your needs.
From the comfort of your home,sitting on your favorite settee, phone me.
No point in being depressed about something. Let tarot cards help you to see more clearly!

What is a Tarot Reading?
After shuffling tarot cards,
they are then laid out and
interpreted by the reader in a certain way.
Have a tarot reading instead of despairing!.
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Learn tarot cards in London
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The lines of your hands say so much about your personality.
They show how you express your emotions, communicate,
and what you could be good at professionally.
Private Tuition
Marie Claire tought
famous psychic medium. Join our tarot group to practice readings.
Each workshop covers 20 tarot cards (Major cards, cups and wands, pentacles and swords, court tarot cards).
Tarot Party
Invite your friends to celebrate your birthday, a success or a move...Tarot readers help people to interact. Through the unique experience of Tarot or Palmistry Readings, your party will never be forgotten!
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Why would you learn to read Tarot cards?
* To be more decisive.
* Developing your intuition.
* Learn how to tell stories.
* Meditate about your life.
* Understand others.
1 to 1 Reading
Marie Claire Trespeuch, is an experienced tarot and palmistry reader. She offers accurate Tarot and Palm readings in English and
in French.

She also teach tarot cards
using her very well structured method.
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Have fun studying tthe original Rider Waite tarot deck!
If you already know how to read tarot cards, book 2 hours session to learn the astrological tarot spread.
Join our London Tarot group
For many years, Marie Claire organised psychic evenings at the Clarendon Hotel, in Blackheath London, and help other readers to practice and develop their skills.
Book a private tuition
Test Marie Claire fun method and to start using the cards daily.
She has been teaching tarot since 2006.
Her concise method, with words games, will help you memorising
Tarot Cards